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Canada did great at the 2010 winter olympic. They got more golds than any other countries. USA got the most medals in total as usual. Japan.... did their best. Germany, Norway, Korea... all countries did a great job. It was super exciting to watch the winter sports at that highest level possible.
But besides the skills and dramas, I was having fun with the olympians high-tech gears and wear.

Team Japan's wear for the ceremony was done by DESCENTE. It looked ok but nothing more. Kind of boring design-wise.

カナダチームはウールブランケットで有名な「THE BAY」製。オリンピック開催中、連日お店の前にはオフィシャルグッズを求めるお客さんで長蛇の列でした。
Team Canada by The Hudson's Bay Company. They look Canadian alright. The Cowichan sweater they wore for the closing ceremony was excellent!

そしてアメリカチーム。泣く子もだまる、「POLO Ralph Lauren」製です!!この写真は開会式の模様だけど、閉会式で着ていたニットカーディガンが最高にかわいかった。
Team America! It's not fair when they use Ralph for that. They win. The knit they wore for the closing ceremony was totally vintage-inspired and looked super high quality.

Thank you Vancouver and all the athletes. Skiers, snowboarders, speed skaters, jumpers..... you people are so cool.

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