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Is it men's or ladies'? Who cares. Isn't what matters how it looks on you and whether you like it or not? That sounds too harsh if we say that to customers who wonder in and ask the very same question. So we don't say it that way. The truth is that some are made for men some for ladies and some unisex. It means some aren't made for your sex, but that doesn't mean you can't wear it. Was adidas making sneakers and stuff for RUN DMC and hiohop lovers from the beggining? No. But they wore it and adidas decided to target them as a new market. That's what fashion is all about. You decide what you wanna wear and how you wanna wear it. Not the makers. You can wear anything you like. That's our belief.

服には男物か女物かユニセックスかって分けられてて。最近はユニセックスはほとんど見かけないけど90年代ぐらいまではTシャツなんかはほぼユニセックス。だから店にもユニセックスものはいっぱい。でもupperupperではそれ以外の物もユニセックスとして見ています。あなたに似合ってあなたが満足なら、それがどちらの性に向けて作られたかは二の次。RUN DMCだってそのファンだって彼らの為に作られたスニーカーを履いていたんじゃないんだから最初は。何これスキ!履く!着る!そんな気持ち。これをこう着たらどうかな?そんな探究心。そういうファッションの楽しみ方もある。


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