blog : McDonald's Happy Meal Toys



2013-11-26 12.26.00.jpg2013-11-26 12.26.18.jpg2013-11-26 12.26.11.jpg2013-11-26 12.26.25.jpg2013-11-26 12.26.44.jpg2013-11-26 12.24.50.jpgThe toys came with it when you order a happy meal which is for little kids. McDonald's happy meal is not really making people happy these days because of the obesity problem especially in the states. But their charcters are cool/cute and the happy meal toys are awesome! And we got hold of lots of'em and threw them into the UFO catcher. Come try it you don't need to eat shit to get one:)


2013-11-26 11.07.14.jpg

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