blog : A Shibuya Pizza Joint

Our friend rapper 'Money Box' opened a wicked pizza joint in the heart of Shibuya night life.

Start the night there, end the night there or spend all night there.

To find out how wicked the joint is, just go over there and have a drink. You won't regret it.

upperupper guaranteed.

Most of the staff there can even handle little chats in English. 

Address and contact info at the bottom of the page.


upperupperトロント時代からの盟友ラッパー、Money Box が愉快痛快な仲間たちと共に渋谷にピザバーをオープン。




こんなバーが欲しかった。Big Thanks to Money Box. 通うぜ。


IMG_0244.jpgIMG_0260.jpgIMG_0278.jpgIMG_0292.jpgIMG_0298.jpgIMG_0270.jpgIMG_0316.jpgIMG_0319.jpgIMG_0338.jpgCONA 100KEN DANA

Dogenzaka 2-19-3-1F, Shibuya, Tokyo  (google map)


↓ おまけ 〜MoneyBoxとパンクバンド〜

2011年トロント、upperupperの母体GaraGaraGarage(Vintage Dealer)倉庫で撮影されたクイズショー。。。

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